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For over 14 years, we have been working with homeless shelters, organizations, community groups and individuals from across the country to help create an awareness for those who are homeless or in transitional housing that are often over looked – the invisible people in our communities. Since 2009, we have also been partnering with Mark Horvath whose nonprofit, Invisible People, is dedicated to educating the public about homelessness.

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14 Years Dedicated to Donating Socks

Socks and underwear are among the most requested, but least donated items at homeless shelters. Our goal is to bring some comfort to those in need by simply providing a clean pair of socks through the hands of our committed partners. This year we’re donating more than 250,000 pairs to our partner shelters and organizations.


Over the past 14 years, we’ve donated more than 4 million pairs of socks to our hundreds of partners all across the country. Our partners have helped distribute these donations to those in need in communities like yours. You can use the map to discover more about the organizations we’ve partnered with near you.

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Discover more about homelessness, how others are making an impact and how to help.

Mark Horvath founded Invisible People with the mission of bringing a face to homelessness, and providing dignity to those who have lost everything.
How Loss Leads to Homelessness. “What is scary is how homelessness can happen to anyone. A simple illness can lead to loss of employment, loss of income, loss of property and in the end the loss of a meaningful relationship.”
“Kymberli and B first lived in their car. They then lived in a vacant lot. Kymberli and B now live in a tent community in Oakland, California.”
How we define homelessness plays an important role in how we determine how many people are struggling with homeless in the U.S.
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